Development partnerships PROSVASIS, a joint initiative with nongovernmental character supported by the Greek Society for the Rehabilitation of Disabled (ELEPAP), Panhellenic Association Federations of Parents with challenging children (POSGKAmeA), the consulting company, Mentoring Inc. and the Commercial and Industrial chamber of Athens.

British Council
Founded in 1934, the British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. We are a global organisation with more than 190 offices in 110 countries and territories. We touch the lives of around 500 million people every year – almost a tenth of the world’s population. We have been working in Greece since 1939, offering a wide range of services and activities, and have offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. We work together with a large number of Greek organisations – ministries, universities, academic and research institutions, schools, non-governmental and cultural organisations in both the public and private sectors.


Amphitrite Social Enterprise” (Record number CCA 00238) is a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Integration. Purpose of this cause is to create job opportunities for people belonging to vulnerable (societal) groups. “Amphitrite” Social Enterprise is working on tourism for people with accessibility problems, and It has created, the portal,, a multilingual  online platform as a benchmark. is the first portal in Greece that provides personalized information to tourists around the world, concerning the accessible infrastructure and services that can be found in Greece. Moreover it provides the visitors (of the portal) with consulting and learning services, which are addressed to matters such as improving the accessibility in places around Greece, and take advantage of similar actions around the world and the skills of its own members. “Amphitrite” is a member of two international organizations, ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) and CEFEC (Social Firms of Europe). Amphitrite, with those two collaborations, shows widely the emergence and the importance of Social Enterprises to be networked internationally.