The Aims

In the context of the need to emerge the Social Entrepreneurship, the conference “Doing Business the other way” has set the following goals:

  • To present strategic guidelines and experiences derived from the International and Greek real-life regarding the sustainability of the Social Enterprises. 
  • To present development practices of the Social Entrepreneurship in order to internationalize the businesses.
  • To present the successful practices in Social Entrepreneurship from the international level.
  • To present innovative business tools that can be essential for both establishment and development of Social Enterprises.
  • To emerge the importance of the Social Entrepreneurship especially in the period of economic recession (or crisis)
  • To promote successful business practices with the ultimate goal the development of the Social Entrepreneurship.
  • To prove the value of the Social Entrepreneurship through examples of Social Cooperative Enterprises  in Greece and abroad.
  • To give initiatives to young entrepreneurs to start up their own business based on the social business model.
  • To promote the social aspect of the Social Economy and Entrepreneurship.
  • To give to the existing Social Enterprises the chance to improve and to develop their operations in the business world.
  • Finally, to emphasize in the existence of human resources that can do and have also the desire to make the difference “doing business the other way”.